At INJ Makeup Studio, we understand and appreciate the importance of a good hair day to go along with your makeup to complete the look. The right hairstyle can not only complement, but elevate your entire makeup look.

Throughout history, hair has been used as a medium of communicating messages about status, wealth, and health. Often further enhanced with extensions, dyes, and decorations, it can be an amazing means of expressing of our personality.

Trends morph over time, all the time. Our experiences hairstylists keep up with the changing trends and use their years of experience, and learnings from multiple certifications, to create all kinds of gorgeous hairstyles to help you use your gorgeous locks as a means of self-expression.

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Indian Hairstyles

Traditional hairstyles embody centuries of culture in their gorgeous buns and swoops. Pair your Indian hairstyle with traditional jewelry and rock any event that you go to!

International Hairstyles

Hair can be folded, twisted, braided, or curled in a variety of ways. There’s a whole world of hairstyles to try out there, and we’re ready to give you an experienced hand in making the ‘do of your dreams!

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