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Special Offers for Beginners

Makeup is an art that takes years to master! You can start your journey to becoming a true makeup artist with the help of our experienced teachers.

The history of makeup goes back to the ancient Egyptians, and while we no longer have to rely on homemade products to enhance our visuals, the purpose of makeup remains the same — to look and feel beautiful.

Whether you’re only just starting or are interested in enhancing your arsenal of tried and tested makeup looks, we can cater to it all. Our professionals have honed their skills through years of practical experience and are eager to pass on the fruits of their labour to beginners.

We can teach you a wide variety of different makeup looks suitable for any occasion! From bridal looks to casual, everyday makeup, we can prepare you for them all. Through practice, patience, and guidance, you can recreate any elaborate makeup look that you desire.  

We use only high-quality, branded makeup for the best finish and longevity.

Makeup School Services

40+ Days Premium Master Class

This is the perfect opportunity to hone the skills you learn in the beginning!

15 to 20+ Days Master Class

Build a strong foundation and level up your makeup skills in 2-3 weeks.

Online Makeup Class

If you’re running low on time or want to learn how to makeup from the comfort of your own home, this is perfect for you.


Specialized workshops for learning and practicing specific skills!

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