Our Story

Our Story

Makeup is more than just products on your skin

Makeup has a long history that dates back multiple millennia. From the ancient Egyptians to the Victorian era, makeup evolved slowly but surely as trends changed and people experimented with different products and chemicals to add vibrancy to their faces. This preoccupation associated with enhancing one’s natural beauty is at its peak in this day and age, with an almost infinite variety of makeup products and styles.

This form of art is used as the ultimate beauty aid for men and women around the globe. Makeup artists mix and match colors, play with shadows and highlights, and meticulously erase any imperfections on a person’s face to enhance their natural beauty. From drawing attention to specific facial characteristics to using the most minute details to complement different hair, eye, and skin colors, this artistry can make anyone feel like a better version of themselves.

With a keen understanding of all this, Nazneen Hussain launched INJ Makeup Studio in 2018 to cater to individuals who want to benefit from the power of makeup. She started out mainly as a professional for bridal makeup in Hyderabad. She catered to the high demand for amazing makeup skills and an eye for art by expanding her services to include air brush, HD, party, and high fashion makeup with a wide variety of Indian and international hairstyles.

We are a trusted name for the bridal makeup industry by offering glamorous looks at competitive prices.  Our highly trained makeup artists and hairstylists aim to make clients feel and look gorgeous at the end of their sessions. Instilling confidence is our number one priority.

All of our trained professionals have years of experience in the field and are the proud holders of multiple certifications as proof of their skills. We ensure to stay on top of the latest hair and makeup trends and use only high-end, branded makeup to create glowing, sophisticated looks to add drama without making it look overdone.

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Interested in trying your own hand at makeup? We’re offering comprehensive classes for beginners in a variety of packages. Our professionals will help you become confident when you’re applying your own makeup. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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